Determinations of child support made during a divorce can have impactful consequences on children and parents until the children reach the age of majority. Whether you are seeking legal advice, child support, or want to contest an unreasonable child support order, San Diego Biz Law can help you protect those rights. Our divorce lawyers have over 20 years experience conducting court proceedings to determine child support orders during separation or divorce, as well as in modification hearings when incomes of parents have changed.

Our family lawyers are mindful that San Diego is an expensive place to raise children, hence our legal staff understands that raising a child takes more than love and care, and instead requires the financial well being to be able to provide the necessities of life such as food, shelter, clothing, as well as education. For this reason, the duty to pay child support is just as vital as guaranteeing that the child support amount is appropriate for the child’s needs.

At San Diego Biz Law we provide consultations to all parents who need a family law lawyer for the first time for purposes of evaluating the economic needs of your child or who are seeking to change the terms of a current child support order. Our lawyers conduct themselves with passion, integrity, and honesty all while providing a dependable and knowledgeable approach to the specific needs of your case.

When those circumstances arise where it’s no longer feasible to abide by a child support order, a trial court is authorized by the Family Code to modify child support after a judgment of dissolution has been entered; thus, notwithstanding the section of the Code of Civil Procedure governing pendency of ordinary actions, a dissolution action remains pending for purposes of child support. (Cite—West’s Ann.Cal.C.C.P. § 1049; West’s Ann.Cal.Fam. Code §§210,3603,3650-3651, 3901(a) Accordingly, if you have been a party to an unreasonable child support order, our divorce lawyers can help you find a solution towards helping you reduce the terms of your obligations today.