san diego child custodyConsequently, more times than not, child custody issues arise during a divorce proceeding. Our child custody lawyer protects the rights and relationships of children, mothers, and fathers. When parents separate or get a divorce, the children are most often affected in many ways and as such, there are many factors to consider when determining child custody in California such as the best interests of the child, the child’s wishes, and history of domestic or drug abuse.

While children have the right to spend their time with both the parents, it is essential that the children are provided with the requisite degree of care and support during their upbringing. Accordingly, many aspects of the child’s care are up for negotiation during the divorce, thus when it comes to custody, our child custody lawyer will find and work towards the most suitable method of custody that is best for the children, whether it be joint legal custody or sole legal custody of the children.

At San Diego Biz Law, our child custody lawyer addresses all custody related issues and questions that you may have, and work towards providing an amicable resolution that will ensure that you spend the most time with your children. Our experienced child custody lawyer will work towards facilitating effective communications between both parents for purposes of providing a reasonable visitation schedule that is agreed upon by both parties and that can be presented to the court.

During the course of representation, our child custody lawyers strive to build relationships with clients based on trust, communication, and integrity. Addressing child custody and parental visitation issues is a delicate stage in a divorce case, and the decisions made in that process will have a significant impact on your children and parenting role. Provided that California courts consider the best interests of the child when hearing child custody and visitation matters, this standard requires a thorough understanding of all the relevant laws and facts by a child custody lawyer. By zealously working towards favorable outcomes for our clients, and providing for your children’s short and long-term interests, our child custody lawyer will provide the most responsive representation that will ensure a satisfying result.